Fresh Fruit Head

Up to 5 fruity flavors of your choice with a fresh fruit head:

Pineapple | Grapefruit | Apple


Up to 3 flavors of your choice

House Specialty Mixes

Our premium mixes made in house. Best used with an Ice Hose or Alcohol Base

Alcohol Base

Delicious mixed drinks infused with our hookahs. Gives a little BANG to your buzz!

Blue Nile Splash

Malibu, Ciroc, Coco Real, Blue Curaçao, Pineapple Juice, simple syrup, sprite

Night With Cleo

Vodka, Triple Sec, Sweet N Sour, Cranberry Juice

Fruit Of Horus

Your choice of Vodka or Whiskey, Strawberry Puree, Sweet N Sour, Sprite

Liquid Marijuana

Malibu, Captain Morgan, Melon Liquor, Blue Curaçao, Sweet N Sour, Pineapple Juice

Blood of Anubis

Crown, Melon Liquor, Sweet N Sour, garnished with a Cherry